This explosive book examines the development of American society from the early days at the first English settlement, Jamestown, until today. Of particular importance, Morality and Law in America explains in detail how the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution—the principles that made the United States great—are being replaced by the principles of Progressivism and modern liberalism, and it thoroughly documents the destructive impact of this transformation on individual rights as well as the nation’s economy, culture, defense, and sovereignty.

With regard to specific policies, the issues addressed include the massive amount of taxing, spending, and regulation by the government; the consequences of the current immigration system; the obstacles in the fight against Islamic terrorists; the use of military force (with a review of the pivotal events from every major war fought by the United States); the use of treaties, international organizations, and ideological arguments to replace American law with foreign law; the nonstop effort to suppress the free exercise of Christianity; the drive to trample free speech and silence any criticism of certain topics; the denial of the truth about the right to keep and bear arms; the perversion of due process in the19th century to support a “right” to own slaves, in 20th century to invent a “right” to abortion, and in the 21st century to invent a “right” to gay marriage; the redefinition of equality in terms of equal results rather than equal treatment; and finally, the abuse of the voting system.

On issue after issue, the evidence presented is irrefutable; Morality and Law in America relies on the words (and recorded actions) of the nation’s judges, presidents, and members of Congress. For example, over 400 Supreme Court cases are cited in the book, providing a complete documentation of the exact legal arguments used by the Court to reinterpret the Constitution and violate it to a staggering degree.

To understand what is happening in America today, and why it is happening, read this book.

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